Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Blog Is Moving!


We are combining all our puppy blogs into one … all Coton updates will now be posted at  You can check in there for puppy updates and if you want to receive posts by email, sign up on the sidebar! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Merida's Puppies - Three Weeks!

Merida had her litter on January 7th and we have three girl puppies :)  All are reserved.  They have just recently fully opened their eyes so I'm posting a few pictures - our good camera is broken so I'm sorry for the poor quality.  The two white puppies are not named yet because their new families have already picked out names but we won't know which puppy is going where until the 8th.  One will be Angel and the other will (probably) be Lucy :)

We're calling her #1 … we can tell her apart from the other one because she does not have a cowlick on her nose!

Miss #2 has a cute little cowlick running down her face!

"Don't take that picture!"

"Ok whatever, just get it over with!"

Miss Mandolin is very petite!

Trying to hide :)

Size comparison!

Quite the flattering photo!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Video: Augusta and Dixie

Pebble went home yesterday.  Before Pebble went home, he would often use Augusta as his chew toy! They got along well though and this little fellow was obviously lonely last night so he tried to play with one of our eight week old Lab puppies (who actually flew to TX today).  We had so much fun watching them that we decided to film it.  We had never heard Augusta bark this much, except sometimes when he's wanting to get out of his crate :p  Anyway, enjoy!  And if you want to take this cute little fellow home, feel free to contact us for details!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Meekamocha's Puppies - Eight Weeks!

We have two little balls of fur and fun that are still looking for their new homes!  Ready for some cuteness? :)

This is Augusta.

He has light apricot markings on his head and ears.

This picture made me laugh … it looks he kinda melted!

Cutest puppy pose ever … cocking the head :)

Busy reading :p

This is Pebble

He is a hard one to get photos of because his eyes look so dark.

He is very attentive and responsive.

I guess this is a half yawn? :)

Such a sweet fellow

Smell the roses … or the marigolds :)

If you're interested in taking one of these fellows home, please contact us for details.  You can email, or call 615-765-3110 or text 615-631-9312.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Meekamocha's Puppies - Five Weeks!

These fellows are five weeks old and are such a delightful bunch!  Lots of lively fun with these pups!

Augusta is available.

"I'm going places!"

A half smile? :)

Barkley is reserved.

He looks a lot like his father Fred (except for the black ear :p)

"I'm going home soon!!"

Doral is available, although there is someone possibly interested in taking him home.

Saying hi to Ruger :)

"What is over there?" :)

"Will you please tell me how I got up here?" :)

Kiawah is available.

This little fella is all cuteness … his pictures make me squeal!

Love the markings too!

"Are you talking about me?" :)

Pebble is available.

He is a really cute puppy but the black markings around his eyes make it hard to get good pictures!  He almost has a Lone Ranger mask :p

Showing off :)

If you're interested in one of our available puppies please contact us for details!  You can email or call 615-765-3110 or text 615-631-9312.